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     Zorbey Aktuyun was born in Izmir in 1985 and began mountaineering and rock climbing at the age of 15. He graduated from Ege University's Department of Physical Education; however, he spends his time as a full-time rock climber. In this role, he sets routes and charts them, and compiles his findings and expertise into rock climbing guidebooks focusing on some of Turkey's best boulders and peaks. His first book, "Bafa Lake Bouldering," was also Turkey's first-ever bouldering guide that was released in 2014. Zorbey's second guidebook on climbing in Turkey; "Sarikaya Manisa Climbing Guide" released in early 2016 as well. In this book he is focusing on new climbs in Manisa's Sarikaya region, collaborating with his long time friend and local climber Evren Kirazli. 

     Zorbey also participated in a number of international and European championships with the Turkish National Team, although now he is pursuing a life more in nature and more geared towards preparing guides on the amazing rock climbing opportunities Turkey has to offer; including but certainly not limited to sports climbing, bouldering, traditional climbing, big-wall climbing and route setting. China, Argentina, India, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland and France are some of the places he has traveled and climbed. He is sponsored by  Brooklyn Alchemist, The North Face, Arkas, Kandi Holds, Dagevi Doga Sporlari Malzemeleri.

fatma basoglu

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Sponsored Athlete&Ambassador

     Fatma Basoglu has been climbing for 10 years. During this ten years she has been pushing her limits in all kinds of climbing styles, all around of Turkey and mostly Europe. You can find her sport climbing, bouldering or hanging on a multi pitch climb around those regions at any times.

In this short time, after her achievements and her succesful climbing career she decided to take climbing more serious and compete in the international competitions. She has been training with Alper Kabran, Zorbey Aktuyun, Muammer Yalcin to get in to the national team and continue her climbing and exploring journey. She has climbed in France, Germany and Italy several times.

     Other than trying to be a succesful climber she has been working on her Phd studies for "Financial Mathematics" at the prestigioues Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey.

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     Jon Sedor realized his love of climbing and creative arts at a young age. A serious accident in 2007 caused Jon to lose his left, and dominant hand. He underwent two amputations and three surgeries, but he never gave up on his dreams. 
   In 2013 Jon met the founder of Adaptive Climbing Group and was inspired to begin climbing again as an amputee. Only four months after his return to climbing, Jon represented the Adaptive Climbing Group at the 2013 GoPro Mountain Games in Vail, Colorado. This was his first ever competition as an adaptive climber, and he placed second in the upper extremity category. By placing in the top three, Jon qualified to compete at the International Federation of Sport Climbing’s Paraclimbing Cup in London in September 2013. With the support of Paradox Sports, he was able to compete in his first international climbing competition, where he had the honor of taking home the gold in the male upper extremity amputee category. Jon hopes to be the first arm amputee to boulder V10+ and always strive to push his limits on the rock.
     Competing and climbing hard routes, despite being fun, are not Jon’s main focuses on and off the rock. He hopes to be a leader in the climbing community by encouraging other athletes with physical differences to push their own limits and achieve their own goals. It’s important to Jon to give back to a community that has given him so much. He knows that he would not be as accomplished without a solid community around him – it’s essential, in his opinion, to share the love of the mountains and be encouraging to others regardless of ability. Besides climbing, Jon is a painter and illustrator that finished his MFA in NYC in May 2014.  He now lives, climbs, surfs, and works in Cleveland, OH. Jon is an athlete for Brooklyn Alchemist, Evolv, Blurr Stuff, Kush Climbing, EPIC bar, and FrictionLabs. 


       Kilian Fischhuber, born in Austria and started climbing at the age of 12, quickly became one of the best competition boulderer in all over the world. He has never stopped and limited himself, with that said he scaled some of the most challenging and serious routes in all over the world. After retiring from competition climbing in 2014, Kilian  has been travelling around the globe and challenging himself with new routes and projects. Some of his titles from his competition life;

  • 9 times Austrian champion

  • 21 gold medals in World Cups

  • 2 silver medals in World Championships

  • 5 Overall World Cup titles

      He is sponsored by Brooklyn Alchemist, Red Bull, Edelrid, La Sportiva, Smith, Chillaz. Check out one of his recent trip below;

"The Art of Climbing - Kilian Fischhuber Scales Headless Children"

by Red Bull

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Sponsored Athlete

sean villanueva o'driscoll

      Sean Villanueva O'Driscoll has been climbing since he is 13 years old. His adventures started in a climbing gym in Belgium and climbing became a lifestyle for him thereafter. He has done countless trips all over the world climbing anything he can find. But he specializes in extreme big wall climbing in the most remote places on this beautiful planet. It does not matter for him if it is wet or too cold or it is a mossy off width. As long as he is able to climb in the conditions that he can survive and move forward, there is nothing to stop him. The only time he stops and waits is the time when the mountain does not let him move forward, then he takes his tin whistle off from his back pocket and starts playing music. He says; " Our musical instruments are an important part of our big-wall equipment and we’ll gladly leave behind some extra cams to be able to bring our instruments. They help us to stay sane when hanging in a vertical world for over ten days."

     Some of his favorite places to climb are; Yosemite, Patagonia, Pakistan, Greenland and Baffin Island. 

     His 2010 expedition to Greenland with Olivier and Nicolas Favresse and Ben Ditto was awarded a "Golden Ax"


Dodo's Delight

Vertical Sailing Greenland

Asgard Jamming

Yosemite Experience

Pakistan Project

Petzl RocTrips

Check out some of his trailers;


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     Georgia Bank is a Brooklyn native, professional climber, coach for youth competitors as well as adaptive climbers. From her early age on, she has been climbing and exploring the climbing community all around the world. She has travelled and had experience climbing in many exciting places such as South Africa, Switzerland, Argentina and Turkey, despite her young age. 


     Some of her notable achievements outdoors;

     8a "In the Middle of the A$$", South Africa

     7c+ "Caroline", South Africa  

     7c+ "Macho King", South Africa

     7c (flash) "Slice n' Dice", Red Rocks


     After discovering the climbing competitions world, she has been training harder and competing in the various competitions  in US. In 2016 she placed  2nd, during "ABS Youth Nationals" (2016) and this gave her the opportunity to be a part the "USA Climbing Youth Team". (2016 - present)


     She is sponsored by Brooklyn Alchemist, Arc'Teryx, Five-Ten and Sublime Climbing.

     Duru was born in 2004 and since the time she could walk she started climbing as well. Thanks to her parents; the legendary climber from Turkey Muammer Yalcin aka "Mamy" or "Mami" and one of the most supportive mothers of all time Sevin Yalcin and the family member Mr. Zorbey Aktuyun.. Her being in an environment with full of climbers and outdoor lovers kept her climbing more and training more until she was chosen to be in the "National Team" in 2018. She has been competing for 2 years already and she is getting ready to go international now. She has already visited and trained at some places in Europe like Italy, Austria and Slovenia.


     Some of her notable achievements in competitions:

     2 times 3rd place Youth Sport Climbing Championship, Turkey

     1 time 2nd place Youth Sport Climbing Championship, Turkey

     3rd place at Balkan Bouldering Championship, Romania 2018

     3rd place at Balkan Sport Climbing Championship, Romania 2018



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